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Adopt A Reader

Join the Adopt-A-Reader Program with Run For Cover Bookstore!

Making a difference one book at a time.

Every school year (10 months), RFC supporters contribute $15/month which sponsors one child in a classroom to receive 1 to 2 books a month. The classrooms are located at schools within the district that have high needs students, some of whom cannot afford books of their own. The books given through the Adopt-A-Reader program are for the children to keep and build their own personal libraries at home. Because being surrounded by books fosters the love of reading, we want to give that chance to every child possible.

We started the program during the pandemic school year of 2020-2021 by sponsoring one 6th grade class in National City. With your help, we intend to grow the program to more children and classes each year.

Our business mission is also to support and enhance the voices of more marginalized people in our communities. The books we sell and support amplify diversity in every shape and form. We know books are expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone.

If you are interested in supporting Adopt-A-Reader, please email Marianne, or send a message using the contact form.